Person Directed Planning

Dreaming, planning and setting goals is something we all do in our lives.

We take time to think about what is important to us and to plan for the future.  That future might be next week or 10 years from now.

We talk about our hopes, wishes and dreams with the people who are important in our lives and we make decisions about what we need to do in order to have the life we want.

Planning with the people we support has always been an integral part of our jobs and our supports.  It is important for us to recognize and acknowledge that the people we support like ourselves, can make decisions about their own lives.  They too have dreams, plans and goals and it is our role to listen and to help them to build a good life as valued members of their community.

People have had the opportunity over the years to be employed, to join clubs, to volunteer, to move into their own homes, to get married, and to travel to many different destinations (i.e. Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico, Caribbean Cruises, Prince Edward Island).  All of these opportunities taking place as a result of having a dream or a goal and setting a plan to make them come true.


Mary’s Story

I was attending St John’s Anglican Church. I observed during a church service, a member of the congregation carrying a cross.  I thought ‘I would like to try this.’

I approached Peter and said that I would like to have this job.  And Peter said ‘yes’!

I am very proud of myself for asking Peter.  I have been the Crucifer ever since.  My job is to be at Church early enough to put on my robe and carry the cross to the front of the Church and place it into the holder.

The Choir enters behind me and one person holds on to me when I go up and down the stairs, to make sure I don’t fall.

After placing the cross in the holder, I sit in my robe at the front of the Church beside the Alter until the service is over.  I also get the plate for the offering and hold it so that a blessing can be said.

At the end of the service I carry the cross and lead everyone out of the Church.  This job has made me feel like part of St John’s congregation and comfortable in the Church. Wearing the robe makes me feel like I have an important role.

I also help Loretta fold bulletins every Friday morning for the Sunday service.  I have met many great friends who think I do a great job.

Every Sunday after Church I go out for lunch with my Church friends.  It gets me out of my home so I am not bored


Shannon’s Story

I have wanted to go on a vacation for quite some time but have been unable to save enough money to afford a trip.  After paying my rent, groceries and other bills it was hard to put money aside for a trip that seemed too far away and would never happen.

Two years ago I applied for and got a second job working for the Town of Tillsonburg in the parks department.  With the extra income from having two jobs, I wanted to save for a trip.

With help from my support staff I worked on a budget of monthly bills and set up a savings plan I could manage.

I have stuck with my savings plan and reached my goal!

With help from my staff I recently booked a trip through Travel Partners and I am heading to Havelock for a week of country music and fun this August!

I am so proud that I have worked hard at my jobs and stuck to my savings plan.  I am looking forward to a week away, a chance to meet new friends and listen to some great music!

People working together in a strong community with a shared goal and a common purpose can make the impossible happen.

Tom Vilsack

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