Where do I begin?

My name is Gerry, I have had difficulty with seeing my potential and gaining the confidence I needed to enter the work world. I have never had a job before and was unsure of where to start so I sought out help from community living Tillsonburgs employment services.  My Job Coach assisted me with developing an employment plan, resume building and interview skills. We met on a regular basis to go out into the community and job search together until I got a seasonal position at Tillsonburg tire. Setting up appointments to job search with my coach held me accountable and motivated me to be more active in my community.

I was anxious and nervous at first as It was my first time being part of an employment team, but my Job coach helped me through the anxiety by providing on the job support and training to do the job safely and efficiently.   I am now comfortable and confident in the quality of work I do. I am grateful to Tillsonburg Tire and Community Living and I would recommend employment supports to anyone looking for work that has had difficulty finding a job.



“I am a hard worker, I am confident and I belong”

My name is Kerri and I am a hard worker. I have been employed with Home hardware since March of 2007. In 2018 I received recognition for 12 years of service and I could not be more proud of my accomplishments. Obtaining employment made me feel accomplished and inspired as I had not felt a sense of belonging before. In my time with home hardware I have developed good relationships with staff as well as with our loyal customers. I remember a day I left work feeling really positive and good about myself; it was an extremely busy day to the point of over whelming and I took the initiative to step in and help regardless of the anxious feelings I was having, I now know I can handle anything that is thrown at me.

When I first signed up with Community Living Tillsonburg’s Employment supports, I lacked the confidence and experience it takes to achieve employment. I worked closely with my job coach to develop a plan that would lead me to success, and it did; I couldn’t be more proud. I wouldn’t have known where to start if it wasn’t for the help from my Job coach. I am very thankful for their support.



People working together in a strong community with a shared goal and a common purpose can make the impossible happen.

Tom Vilsack

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