Our History

How we started

Tillsonburg District Association for Retarded Children was originally formed in 1955.  At that time the association operated a school for developmentally disabled children and promoted public awareness.

Our name changed in 1970 to Tillsonburg and District Association for the Mentally Retarded and expanded our services to include residential and vocational programs.

1998 marked a third name change to Tillsonburg and District Association for Community Living.  For individuals today, community living is more then being cared for in a community based setting.  Community living means being a valued member of a neighbourhood, being with family and friends and neighbours, earning a living or taking part in meaningful activities of daily living.

History - 1955 - First-Class

Where We Are Now

Officially named Community Living Tillsonburg in 2000, our agency focus has moved towards a more individualized approach to service delivery, empowering and supporting individuals to make informed choices from a range of options.

We support over 300 people with developmental disabilities.  We are the largest service provider in Tillsonburg for these individuals and their families, and we are one of the largest no-for-profit and registered charities in our community.

People working together in a strong community with a shared goal and a common purpose can make the impossible happen.

Tom Vilsack

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with Community Living Tillsonburg.  If you are family member, a community member, or a business or organization that wants to help make a difference to people’s lives then and achieve our vision throughout the community.



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